Auditions are suspended for this season due to Hurricane Damage to the Theater.

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All auditions are open to anyone interested and no experience is required. Auditions typically take place 6-8 weeks before a production opens. All prospective cast members will read various selections from the script and audition scenes need not be prepared in advance. Copies of the scripts are on reserve at the Bay County Library on 11th St and at the Lynn Haven Library.
Being cast in a production will generally require a 6-8 week commitment for rehearsals plus performances. Rehearsals are held in the evenings, and occasionally on weekends. Cast & crew members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the production including but not limited to set construction and publicity.
Anyone interested in volunteering in any other capacity for a production such as box-office ticket sales, ushering, concession servers, backstage crew, costuming, set construction, props, sound or lighting is also invited to attend auditions and fill out a form denoting his or her interests, talents or skills. See our volunteer page for more detailed information.
Cast and crew members receive four complimentary tickets for friends or family to attend the production.


AudItion Information

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AUDITIONS: JUNE 18 & 19, 2018 7:00 PM

AUDITIONS: AUGUST 27 - 28, 2018

7:00 PM

Auditions OCT 1 & 2, 2018  7:00 pm

Auditions DEC 2 & 3, 2018  7:00 pm

AUDITIONS JAN 7 & 8, 2019 7:00 pm

AUDITIONS FEB 11 & 12, 2019  7:00 pm

AUDITIONS MAR 11 & 12,  2019 7:00 pm

Blonza Layfield and Caty Rose Walding in Dearly Beloved - 2017




Directed by Hillary McAlinden

A pop culture phenomenon comes to the musical stage in Schoolhouse Rock Live! The Emmy Award-winning 1970s Saturday morning cartoon series that taught history, grammar, math and more through clever, tuneful songs is not only making a small-screen comeback, it's lighting up stages everywhere – from school multi-purpose rooms to university and regional theatres all around the country.
Schoolhouse Rock Live! follows Tom, a nerve-wracked school teacher who is nervous about his first day of teaching. He tries to relax by watching TV, when various characters representing facets of his personality emerge from the set and show him how to win his students over with imagination and music, through such songs as "Just a Bill," "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly" and "Conjunction Junction."

A young teacher who has just received his degree. He has a good heart and is excited about the future, but still unsure and nervous.
Gender: Male
Age: 20's to 30's
Vocal range top: A4
Vocal range bottom: F2

Tom's romantic side. Typically sweet and caring.
Gender: Male
Age: 20's to 30's
Vocal range top: C5
Vocal range bottom: G2

Tom's goofy side. Endearing, cute, and very playful.
Gender: Female
Age: 20's to 30's
Vocal range top: E5
Vocal range bottom: F3

Tom's sweet side. An earnest and sweet ingenue who plays guitar.
Gender: Female
Age: 20's to 30's
Vocal range top: B5
Vocal range bottom: G3

Tom's cool side. Very slick and laid back, but also fun loving.
Gender: Male
Age: 20's to 30's
Vocal range top: A4

Females: Come in dance appropriate clothing and be familiar with the song Noun, is a person place or thing and Inter-Planet Janet.

Men: Come in dance appropriate clothing and be familiar with the song I'm Just a Bill.

Children: 10 years and older only Come in dance appropriate clothing and be familiar with inter-planet Janet.

NOTE: We will be casting 8-10 children for the ensemble, the children will not have speaking parts.

We will also be auditioning for the band, if you can play the following combinations: Banjo/Bass and a drummer.



Directed by Harley Benner and Bunnie Hibbard

One of the great popular successes of recent Broadway history, this ingeniously constructed play offers a rare and skillful blending of two priceless theatrical ingredients: gasp-inducing thrills and spontaneous laughter. Dealing with the devious machinations of a writer of thrillers whose recent offerings have been flops, and who is prepared to go to any lengths to improve his fortunes, DEATHTRAP provides twists and turns and sudden shocks in such abundance that audiences will be held spellbound until the very last moment. It is a classic thriller.

Clifford Anderson
College-type look, wears boots, sweaters, jeans. Very physical. Requires 2 fights, falling on floor and stairs. Physically fit, good looking. Knows he\'s the smartest man in the room and can bide his time his time to display it. When necessary he controls the Sidney/Clifford relationship.
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 18 - 60

Porter Milgrim
Suit and tie guy. Professional yet long-time personal friend of Sydney.
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 18 - 60

Myra Bruhl
Match to Sydney. Sophisticated, upper class but embraces the country life. Sweet, caring, emotional, nervous, even skittish, very supportive of Sydney's career and moods but does grow some backbone when he crosses the line. Some physicality - must die and fall to the floor. Has a heart problem and a case of the nerves. Must be able to assist carrying a "body" out the door.
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 18 - 60

Helga Ten Dorp
Wild, individual, gypsy-like, even when wearing a rain poncho. Is in and out of this world. Knows she's a celebrity and buys into the show of her gift. Has an accent. Is disarming and brave when faced with pain and violence. Some physicality - a struggle at the end with the lawyer.
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 18 - 60

Sidney Bruhl
Polished, dashing, wears ascot and smoking jacket type. Buys into the whole Broadway scene. Thinks he\'s the smartest man in the room and wants people to know it. Is on stage even when at home. Very physical. Requires 2 fights, falling on floor.
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 18 - 60



Directed by: Lois Carter
On Golden Pond - Cantankerous retiree Norman Thayer and his conciliatory wife, Ethel spend summers at their New England vacation home on the shores of idyllic Golden Pond. This year, their adult daughter, Chelsea , visits with her new fiancée and his teenage son, Billy on their way to Europe. After leaving Billy behind to bond with Norman, Chelsea returns, attempting to repair the long-strained relationship with her aging father before it's too late.

Norman Thayer, Jr.
Retired English professor. Youthful for his age but showing signs of slowing down; a touch of arthritis, heart palpitations and a declining memory. He can be a charming gentleman one minute and a cantankerous curmudgeon the next. He has a dry sharp wit and frequently weaves confusing mental circles around others in a game of one-upmanship. He is very much in love with Ethel.
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 60 - 80

Ethel Thayer
Norman's wife of 48 years. In many ways, Ethel is Norman's opposite and opposites attract. Ethel is a spritely, active woman who loves her husband completely and who is in love with simply being alive. She is energetic and has an inner and outer strength. She has aged extremely well. She doesn't fall prey to Norman's games and knows how to manage Norman's moods and run interference when he is less than charming with others.
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 60-80

Charlie Martin
Charlie grew up on Golden Pond and has been delivering the mail by boat since his youth. He has an honest warmth and an unpolished charm. He has an infectious laugh and can be boisterous and loud. He is the kind of person everyone loves to invite in for tea and cookies. He is gregarious and familiar. He is a bachelor, never married, and has had a life-long crush on Chelsea.
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 30-45

Chelsea Thayer Wayne
Norman and Ethel's daughter, divorcee. Chelsea is Ethel and Norman's only child. Like her father, she has a dry sense of humor, although not as acerbic as Norman. She is pretty and wears little make-up. Chelsea is physically fit but not necessarily athletic. Chelsea struggles to please Norman and is still seeking her father's approval and dealing with the lack of closeness between them. She is engaged to Bill Ray, whom she brings to meet her parents.
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 30-45

Bill Ray
Divorced, dentist. Chelsea's fiancee and Billy's father. Bill is a city boy. He is attractive, confident and well dressed, he is definitely not the outdoors type and out of his element in the country. He tends to be serious but has a hidden sense of humor. He falls prey to Norman's mind-games but when he realizes what Norman is up to he pulls the plug and Norman finds out that Bill is no pushover.
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Any

Billy Ray
Son of Bill Ray. On the surface, Billy Ray is a typical awkward moody teenager but beneath his foul-mouthed exterior is a lonely and misunderstood young boy.
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 14 - 15



PERFORMANCES: FEB 8 - 24, 2019

Directed by: Sandy Wilson
Two difficult, single people, Phyllis and Bradley, both trying to heal from their respective disappointing relationships, get their luggage mixed up at the airport. After a very disagreeable first encounter, the two decide to help each other get over their heartaches by forcing a friendship that eventually leads to the two discovering that while they may be too difficult for everyone else in the world, they are perfect for each other.


PHYLLIS NOVACK - a woman in her late to mid-thirties
BRADLEY NAUGHTON - a man in his late thirties
DR. JONATHAN ALEXANDER - a therapist in his forties
MITZI CARTRIGHT - Phyllis' friend, mid to late thirties




Directed by Harley Benner and Bunnie Hibbard
Dating can be hard. Especially when your date happens to be a raging kleptomaniac, or your grandmother's bridge partner, or a mime. Check Please follows a series of blind dinner dates that couldn't get any worse -- until they do. Could there possibly be a light at the end of the tunnel? Love + Laughter = LIFE!" An evening one-act romantic comedies from blind dates to the tri-focal years.

Various Roles for Males and Female 25-75


Directed by: Hillary McAlinden


The Murderous Mansion of Mr. Uno - The mysterious Mr. Uno has invited six eccentric guests to his dark and stormy mansion. When Uno winds up dead (several times over), and guests begin dying mysteriously, those remaining must uncover the murderer before it's too late. A wickedly funny parody of the traditional murder mystery, with eleven possible alternate endings voted on by the audience.

The Servants:
Georg: A cook of vaguely eastern European origin
Charlotte: A French maid, highly excitable
Mortimer: The butler, somewhat British

The Guests:
General Spragmorton: A pugnacious military man, retired
Mr. Bilkem: A trim attorney, uptight
Professor Beasly: A highly intelligent and highly randy professor of Entomology
Madame Isis: a sultry and classy woman
Ms. Daphne: a young flirty girl
Mrs. Tarragon: the half demented wife of Senator Tarragon

The Hosts:
Mr.Uno: a suave smooth talking gentleman
Mrs. Uno: his wife

Be prepared to do some improvisational games.





Directed by: Doug Gilliand

The Legend of Georgia McBride - Casey, a young Elvis Presley impersonator barely making a living, finds a path to prosperity by becoming a lip-syncing drag queen. He’s young, he’s broke, his landlord’s knocking at the door, and he’s just found out his wife is going to have a baby. To make matters even more desperate, Casey is fired from his gig as an Elvis impersonator in a run-down, small-town Florida bar. When the bar owner brings in a B-level drag show to replace his act, Casey finds that he has a whole lot to learn about show business—and himself.

CASEY / GEORGIA (mid-late 20s) Caucasian, Southern.
Casey: Charismatic and good-looking small-town high school football star turned Elvis impersonator; has the biggest of hearts and loves his wife ferociously; dreams big, if not always practically; his charm and optimism are infectious; hasn’t had to grow up and take real responsibility for his life/family just yet; an artist who hasn’t yet found his voice.
Georgia: A wholly original drag queen with Elvis, country and rock 'n' roll roots; gritty, edgy, sexy, a force of nature; a transcendent artist who inspires her audiences to dream of a better life; vulnerable, driven, responsible, and completely self-possessed; joyous and thrilling. Note: Role requires dancing in heels, lip syncing, singing and playing guitar.

TRACY(mid-late 40s) Male, any ethnicity, southern. Sweet-natured drag queen, and drag mother to Casey; her impeccable timing, wit, and charm can disarm anyone; deeply nurturing by nature, she thrives on being a mentor, but is ruthlessly pragmatic when she needs to be; ready to find a home and build something meaningful and lasting; equal parts inspiration and desperation. Role requires dancing in heels and lip syncing.
JO(mid-late 20s) Female, African-American. Casey’s wife; a hard-headed woman married to a soft-hearted man; a realist who’s prone to being fatalistic, she grounds him, while he enables her to breathe and dream; tough without being bitchy, firm without being brittle; a steel rod for a spine; she loves him deeply and he’s the only person she feels safe showing her vulnerability to; works multiple service jobs struggling to keep them afloat and it’s taken a toll.

JASON / REXY(mid 20s-mid 30s) Male, non-Caucasian, southern.
Rexy: fabulously fierce and feisty sharp tongued queen with a dark past; a trashy gal who fancies herself the most sophisticated in the room; loves boys and booze and thrives on conflict; a bit of a hot mess; can cut to the bone with her words; an unlikely moral compass with great respect for the history and art of drag.
Jason: Casey & Jo’s best friend and landlord; a sweet-natured working class guy; became a father young, henpecked at home, can sometimes be a bit spineless--but loves his friends dearly; capable of surprising insight and warmth. Note: Role requires dancing in heels and lip syncing.

EDDIE(50-69) Male, any ethnicity, southern. Easily flustered and financially-desperate owner of a struggling dive bar; rough around the edges, a bit of a walking ulcer, but a huge heart; ferociously loyal and loving to his makeshift family; a man of simple tastes and simple needs, he doesn’t take naturally to the stage as an emcee--but eventually becomes an amateur showman who loves the spotlight.