January 12, 2020.

There is activity at our building site. Progress is being made and we are excited. The production of Clue in Feb, see info below, is being done as a fund-raiser for re-building. Those who have season tickets or other admisssions that were not all used for the cut-short Season can receive 4 admission credits for the next season if that is what you choose. The choice to have 4 admissions added will be on the form sent during our Season Ticket campaign later this spring. If you wish to donate those 4 admissions to the building fund, we would be grateful. Right now all old admissions have expired. We feel like we are almost starting from scratch.  If you want to comment or get more information please email us at info@kt-online.org.

Come see Clue: On Stage - Great fun. Here are some of the cast -with some creative photoshopping to add the backgrounds.

Who dunnit?
Mrs. Peacock (Kelly Norris Olin) with the dagger, Mrs. White (Bunnie Hibbard) with the rope, Ms. Scarlet (Rebekah Barnhill) with the candle stick, Professor Plum (Dale Ripley) with the revolver, Mr. Green (Jason Betz) with the lead pipe, Col. Mustard (Steve Lewis) with the wrench, or the Butler (Michael Hunter).