Last of the Red Hot Lovers

We can’t wait to see you safely, of course! Opening April 17th at 7:30pm at Rutherford High School! Due to our self-imposed COVID-19 guidelines, your group can sit together, but everyone else will be socially distanced according to their individual groups.
There is NO streaming option for this show due to our contract with Concord 

****Parking Lot Security is being provided by BCSO, for your peace of mind.****

Box office hours are Monday- Sunday 11am-6pm, 

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Directed by Sandy Wilson
Barney Cashman is forty-seven, happily married, the father of three children, a successful businessman, and a man going through a midlife crisis. Barney has come to the realization that his whole life can be summed up in one word: nice. And Barney has realized that “nice” simply isn’t enough. He wants to experience his secret fantasies and dreams at least once, and so Barney determines to have an affair. He tries not just once, but three times, with three different women, and each time, something prevents the affair from happening. In the end, Barney returns to the familiar and invites his wife up to the apartment where he has been rendezvousing with the other women. Neil Simon’s Last of the Red Hot Lovers examines what it means to grow older, and asks the question, “What do you do when it seems as if your life hasn’t been fully lived?”