The Kaleidoscope Theatre volunteers are the ones that make it all happen! We are very proud to be an all volunteer, community theatre and everything we do depends on volunteers with different talents, interests, skills, passions, personalities, and backgrounds. Everyone is a volunteer, from the Board of Directors to the part-time ushers. Volunteer coordinators seek out, recruit and train new people, and our quest for more community involvement never ceases. Whatever your intended participation level is, we will teach you what you need to know to meet the needs of the production. While appearing on our stage may not be for everyone, there IS a place for everyone at our theatre.
If you have questions please email Lorna at Lorna@kt-online.org for more information.
All volunteers must have a volunteer application on file, to fill out the volunteer application click here
Please note: All volunteers must attend mandatory COVID-19 best practices training. 
All volunteers are thanked with two complimentary tickets to the production they are assisting with. What a great way to enjoy our shows at no cost!